「“Toru”: a Play that Reverses the Wisdom of Age Using Mosquito Sound」


"Toru”: a Play that Reverses Wisdom of Age Using Mosquito Sound developed as a person ages using ultra-high-frequency (mosquito) sound.

This play is using age-related hearing loss. Our hearing range of Mosquito is declining with aging. Therefore, using this effect, then provides an opportunity to reverse the wisdom of age. For example teachers and students, parents and children.The player uses two hands held device with cable each has a speaker and a button, put in the left and right. The trial is finding a sound from each speaker then push this side button.

Sound are saw wave, 4000 Hz to 20000 Hz. If you clear every four trials, then next for trials mixed higher frequency.

Because of individual variations in hearing ability, sooner or later, older guys become less able to hearing these treble sounds, during those terms.